english talking area :)

  • Hey there,

    maybe we have someone among us who also likes to talk or to write in english?
    Therefor I´d like to create this threat :)
    I hope you like it and have fun expressing yourself in english!


    the demons who love me never sleep

  • Hey,

    Well, I love communicating in different languages, but at least I don´t do it very often because of all the mistakes I make.

    Is there any connection between the language and your name?

    Have I nice evening,


  • Hey!

    Don't care about mistakes! It's not a big deal. Maybe that way you can improve your english!

    The connection between my name and the language is that I actually have a better feeling for the english language than for german words or at any rate it feels like this! And at least I have a great preference for all american stuff :)

    Have a nice evening too!! Thx a lot for answering!

    the demons who love me never sleep

  • hello americana :)

    I just came across your thread and I have to say.. I feel the same way about the english language
    I don't really know why.. maybe because I'm surrounded by english in my free time or... no clue... but I feel much better, much more secure, at least writing in english :)

    As a matter of fact I also just got accepted to the Proficiency CPE course at our school; I enrolled because I've got the feeling in the regular english classes, that I don't actually learn anything anymore.. so I'm quite happy about being accepted :)

    "Ich bin

    Ich bin wie ich bin

    Und ich hab' dich nicht drum gebeten, mich zu versteh'n!"


  • Hey guys :halloweengrin:

    How are you?

    Shadow, I hope this class will give you the possibilty to improve. What is the difference between these and regular english classes?

    I´m looking forward to hear from you. :halloweengrin:

  • Schattenstern: the real difference is just that the level is higher, and that you get the chance to do a test (1.5 days, outside of school) to prove your level of english (C2) and get a CPE diploma for it, which can be very helpful on the job market :)

    and thus the level is higher... I can get more out of this course than the regular classes, where I get the highest marks without even looking at the material xD

    "Ich bin

    Ich bin wie ich bin

    Und ich hab' dich nicht drum gebeten, mich zu versteh'n!"


  • I also will write in english.
    But my english is very bad.
    I think, no one can understand it, or?

    Last week i decide, that i want to learn english better. This here is a good chance.

    But i don`t know so much Vocabularys...lol :halloweenlaugh:

  • Shadow, thanks for the information. Sounds very well. Do you already have any ideas what to do after your final exams? As you seem to be very good in English, will this be part of decision?

    Welcome ZeroGravity, at least I think we are able to understand. :halloweenhappy: Maybe you know the sentence "Learning by doing", so here you have the possibilty to talk to some (in my opinion very nice) people and improve your language at the same time.

    Even if you have to look up some of the vocabulary, I´m sure you can learn a lot. :halloweenhappy:

    See you soon.

  • Schattenstern:
    I'm not sure which exams you mean... after the Proficiency exam, I'll still have a year of school to do
    and after the final exams of school, I... will probably start studying - I'm not really sure about that though
    If I am going to study, it will probably be english/german and I'll be trying to get a job as translator, proofreader or editor afterwards :)

    What are your plans for the future? :)

    "Ich bin

    Ich bin wie ich bin

    Und ich hab' dich nicht drum gebeten, mich zu versteh'n!"


  • Shadowdancer: Well, I mean the final exams of your whole school career. :halloweengrin: Your plan seems quite interesting, but in my own experience there is very much time to change your opinion... So it was for me. ^^

    As I´ve passed my final exams this year, I´m looking forward to start studying in october. I want to study science of language and culture and philosophy. But it took a long time to be sure of this decision, so now I´m even happier to have the possibilty to study exactly what I want. :halloweenhappy:

  • I've just discovered this thread, I love to communicate in English but I don't often get the chance to do it 'cause most friends don't feel comfortable speaking it, 'cause they feel insecure...

    “Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the way we expect.”

    - Luna Lovegood (JKR)

  • from autumn directly into beginning spring:
    happily at least: I discovered this thread already ...

    so let me have a glance:
    @Lenobia good god: Dear: you're here too *jup*

    nobody hast to feel insecure: let's just practice ...
    it's just a funny experience isn't it?

    Did you or anybody here, respectively, get in contact with
    practising English and/or American English?

    for instance: I like to enjoy a little "five-o-clock-tea" everydays ...
    easily prepared and extremely refreshing: not at least the United
    Kingdom raised by that ^^

    :kaffee::Kekse: (and some scones, too ...)

    does anybody here use special recipes for that? and/or will be
    interested in getting in touch with that? As a matter of fact:
    I really learned that procedure by a veritable butler ...^^

    kind regards, am looking forward very much in reading
    you dear Users here again, yours, snowflake :halloweenhappy:

    "... me and my monkey ..." (R. W.)

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